Our Grooming Process

Stress Free Environment

With so many stories of pets being mistreated at other grooming salons, we work to change your pet's mind about spa days with a kindness and service like no other. With a steady demeanor and a calming touch, we keep your pets looking their best with minimal stress.

All of our groomers show love, patience and care while grooming your furry friends. We never use sedative medicine during grooming and have always found kindness to be the only solution needed for a nervous pet. Our groomers take the extra time and steps to ensure your pet is comfortable and stress free. While we cannot promise that our technique will work every time and for every dog, we will make your pet's spa day the best it can be without the use of sedatives. We will work with your pet until they are com'fur'table with us, whether that takes an hour or several visits.

We can no longer service Cats who are best serviced by your vet.

Let's discuss "Puppies". We all love them so much. They're cute, cuddly, fun, and can be VERY DIFFICULT TO GROOM.When we get a first time puppy in we tell the mom or dad this. We explain that their puppies grooming will probably not be perfect, if we can get it done at all.We understand that mom and dad want their pup to look awesome and so do we. But we will not use force, we will not push your puppy, scare your puppy, or intimidate your puppy to get that done for you. There are certain instances when a puppy parent has to let their puppies feelings come first. The first several groomings is that time. That's a critical time for your young puppy to understand that their groomer is a friend, someone they can trust, even grow to love. Not a monster with loud equipment that they know nothing of, it's all new to them, and it's very scary!! We know this and use every ounce of care and patience to comfort your puppy.So here's the deal. If you expect perfection on your brand new baby don't schedule at our grooming salon. That's uncool for you to expect your puppy to endure, and unfair to ask of the groomers....the good ones anyway.This is why we have "the talk" every time a new cute little baby comes in!Please use patience with your puppy and your groomer. We really love your dog(s) and want nothing more than to make sure he or she is comfortable with the grooming process.Thank you,Your TLC TEAM


Breed Specific Grooming

Pricing Starting at $58.00
Bichon $62.00
Cocker Spaniel $62.00
Schnauzer $58.00
Shih Tzu $58.00
Westie/Scotty $58.00
Toy $58.00 Min $60.00 Standard Poodles starts $80.00+

*Matted up or blowing double coats will need to be seen in order to determine exact cost.

Full Body Cut Down
Plus Full Groom

Full Groom Start at:
Small: $58.00
Medium: $60.00
Large: $62.00 - 90.00
Extra Large: $90.00 plus

Full Body Cut Down
Double Coated Large or X-Large Dogs: $90.00 plus

*Matted up or blowing double coats will need to be seen in order to determine exact cost.

Bath & Extra Charges

Mini Groom Start:
Small: $25.00
Medium: $ 35.00
Large: $48.00

Extra Thick Coat: $70.00+

Other Charges

Teeth Brushing 5.00

Nail Dremel 5-10.00

Medicated and Flea Shampoo: $7.00
First 15 Minutes FREE
15 - 30 minutes: $7.00
30 - 40 minutes: $12.00

*Matted up or blowing double coats will need to be seen in order to determine exact cost.